Aladdin SQL:

Aladdin SQL was the most widely used client management program in Australia during the 1980's and has since, undergone a number of technological changes to keep up with today's ever changing needs.

Aladdin has evolved to become a user friendly and efficient form of client management based on the requests of a wide range of financial advisers. Aladdin SQL has been able to utilise Microsoft WordTM and OutlookTM within its applications, taking advantage of the most common Microsoft tools in any office environment.

Aladdin SQL makes it easier to track all the details about your clients, prospects and suppliers including such information as, events, conversations and client specific documentation.

Creating superior customer relationships relies on the ability to recognise and answer your customers' needs successfully. Aladdin SQL helps you understand, predict and respond to your customers' needs consistently across service, sales and marketing, enhancing business performance at all stages of the customer relationship. With Aladdin SQL you will have an overall view of all customer data to identify and leverage high-value customers while increasing sales productivity and revenue

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